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2020 St. John Farmers Market C-19 Safety Protocols COVID-19 Mitigation Plan
General Market and Vendor Guidelines

Anyone not following the guidelines as outlined will be asked to leave the St. John Farmers Market.
  • Vendors are the only people touching products.
  • Vendors will bag products for customers.
  • Customers must maintain a 6-foot distance from each other and vendors.
  • Vendors will observe and enforce pavement marking signs where customers are to stand in order to maintain social distancing.
  • One customer at a booth at a time.
  • Vendors are required to provide the proper PPE to ensure safety for themselves as well as all patrons. Vendors shall limit risk of any transmission by wearing masks and gloves.
  • A specific vendor employee will handle financial transactions while another, or others, handle products for the customers.
    Note: If a vendor is working alone, that vendor must use clean/fresh gloves to handle and bag products for each customer, complete the financial transaction for that customer, and dispose of that pair of gloves or remove the gloves and sanitize your hands before and after completing the financial transaction. If you are using the same pair of gloves all day, they should be cleaned by an approved sanitizer in between customers.
  • Vendors shall provide COVID-19 approved sanitizer and use the same to wipe payment devices and other surfaces in between customers.
  • Vendors shall maintain a safe distance from other vendors.
  • Vendor booths will be spaced a minimum of 12 feet apart.
  • Vendors who are displaying symptoms or are sick shall not attend the Market.
  • Vendors shall provide hand sanitizer at their booth for employee and customer use.
  • Vendors may bring portable seats for themselves. Seats may not be made available to attendees.

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