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Chief of Police

Chief of Police, James Kveton, has worked in Law Enforcement for almost 35 years. He started as a part time police dispatcher in a small community just west of Chicago in the early 1980s. In 1985 he tested and was hired as a police officer at the Elmhurst, Illinois Police Department. During his 30 year career in Elmhurst he served in many different capacities including, DARE Officer, Evidence Technician, Bicycle Officer, Traffic Officer, Field Training Officer, Crime Prevention Specialist, Department Historian and Operation Lifesaver Presenter/Trainer. As his career progressed he moved up the ranks from Patrol Officer, to Sergeant, Watch Commander and finally Deputy Chief.
On January 1, 2016 Jim was appointed as the Chief of Police for the Town of St. John, Indiana. He is very honored to have been selected as Chief of the St. John Police Department and he continues to enjoy the challenges of his new duties and responsibilities. As he has become familiar with the community and members of the police department, he has witnessed firsthand the support of the community and the dedication and professionalism of all members of the department. His goal is to provide the community of St. John with the most professional and ethical Law Enforcement possible, and he sees those attributes in the men and women of the St. John Police Department every day.

Chief Kveton

Chief James Kveton

Deputy Chief David Demeter

Deputy Chief David Demeter

Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief David Demeter started in Law Enforcement in 1987. He has been with the St. John Police Department since 1997 starting as a Patrol Officer. He has held the rank of Corporal, Sergeant, and Commander and was appointed Deputy Chief in March of 2016. He is currently serving the administration as second in command and oversees several department functions.

Accreditation, Training, and Community Outreach Manager

Roger Patz joined our team in 2016 with over 30 years of Law Enforcement experience. With a background in Training and Administration he was a perfect fit to assist us with expanding and improving our accreditation process. In addition to overseeing our officer training program, he also works with groups within our community to represent our department.
Roger Patz

Roger Patz


Detective Flores

Detective Commander Steve Flores

Detective Bureau

The mission of the St. John Police Department Investigations Bureau is to impact the crime rate by providing the citizens of St. John with a prompt and effective investigation response to all classifications of criminal cases.
The function of the Investigations Bureau is multi-faceted in nature, but we are primarily responsible to conduct and complete follow-up investigations of crimes that occur within the Town of St. John. The Investigations Bureau plays an integral part in the department's efforts to detain and apprehend offenders who commit crimes within the town.
The Investigations Bureau is assigned to a wide variety of duties. Main responsibilities are to investigate major crimes against persons to include, robbery, homicide, suspicious deaths, domestic violence (repeat offenders) and aggravated assaults. Other crimes, such as fraud, theft, vandalism and other crimes against property or persons are also handled by the bureau. Detectives gather information from a variety of sources, conduct interviews, organize the collection of physical evidence, and ultimately prepare criminal cases for successful conclusion at trial.
Detectives also assist other law enforcement agencies with the Northwest Indiana Major Crimes Task Force when requested.

Evidence Technicians

The St. John Police Department has six officers currently assigned as Evidence Technicians. Evidence Technicians report to a crime scene to establish leads for investigative purposes. Technicians photograph crime scenes, process a scene for fingerprints, cast foot prints, as well as collect forensic evidence.
Crime Scene

K-9 Unit

K9 Officer

Officer Shane Adams and K-9 Match

The St. John Police Department K-9 Unit consists of Officer Shane Adams and K9 Match. K-9 Match is a sable German Shepherd. Match was born on June 21, 2013 in Schiffweiler, Deutschland. His full name is Matsch vom Lisdorferland. He is certified through the American Police Canine Association as a patrol and narcotic detection dog.
Narcotics detection includes: Marijuana, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Ecstasy, Heroin, and Crack Cocaine.
Patrol includes: article/evidence search, area search, building search, obedience, aggression control, officer protection, and tracking (suspects or lost people).
The K-9 Unit is on call 24/7 for the Town of St. John and assists other police agencies. The K-9 unit helps to protect the community along with the Officers. The K-9 team trains a minimum of 16 hours a month and completes an annual certification test. The unit performs K9 demonstrations for the schools and public.
Any group wishing to utilize our K-9 for education and demonstrations should contact Officer Adams at (219) 365-6032 or

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